Sunday, May 9, 2010

Apple Island or The Truth About Teachers

I finished reading a book called "Apple Island or The Truth About Teachers" by Douglas Evans. When I was reading this book I felt like I'm the one of the character in the story and I'm watching at all those stories and problems beside the main character. The main character called Bradley was curious about anything and like to do lots of adventures. I felt that he was like me and he does the thing what I would do if the problem happens.

The two main characters are:

Bradley Zimmerman:- He was a normal boy who was in the normal school and had a normal teacher. But one day every thing had changed by one teacher called Mrs.Gross who was a new to his school and who's attending his class from the day. She teaches the wrong things to the students and she seems like she doesn't like students. That day Bradley sneaked into the teachers laundry because he wanted to know the inside of the room that none of the students had seen before. When he sneaked in there the door that he just closed had opened and two teachers came in and talking. So he quickly hide underneath the desk and listened what they are talking. One of the teacher was his new teacher but he never saw the other teacher who has purple ankle. They were talking about something wired, it was called "Operation Misteach" and that was the operation that the teachers teaches the wrong things to the students and make them crabby. When he got to the Apple Island he ran away from the line that he is suppose to be in with his friend and went to discover the secrets about his teacher.

Mrs.Gross/Mrs.Eraser:- She was a new teacher to Bradley's class. She teaches the wrong things to the students for the program called "Operation Misteach" and only the person whose from the Apple Island knows it. But when Bradley sneaked in to the teaches laundry, he accidentally heard the program that Mrs.Gross and the head teacher from Apple Island was talking. So he ran away from the line when they landed on the Apple Island.When Mrs.Gross knew that, she told the head teacher called Mrs.Goldstar and Mrs.Goldstar told every teachers on the land about it and told them to find him. Mrs.Gross tried to find him as well.

After Bradley escaped from the line the head teacher, Mrs.Goldstar told every teacher on the land to find and bring him but there was some kind people on the land helped him to escape from the crabby teachers. They were the person who accidentally land on this land and they want to go back as well so Bradley decided to help them escape from this land with his classmates as well. When he got to the place called S.H.O.O.L.where his classmates are he saw his classmates going in to the gym to have a assembly, he again sneaked in the line.When the assembly had finished and all the teachers, his classmate and himself came out of the building, one bus came in front of Bradley swiftly. It was one of the person who wants to escape from the land, he came to help Bradley to escape all his classmates from all the crabby teachers. That person told Bradley to ride onto the bus with his classmates and inside the bus there was all those people who helped him to escape from the teachers when he was caught. When Bradley and his classmates got in Bradley told the driver to go to the Chalk mountain to erupt it. So they went. When they got their one person called Mr.Janitor who escaped him and Bradley went out of the bus and quickly went underneath the mountain before the teacher comes. Bradley helped Mr.Janitor to erupt the mountain... "Bomb!" as they heard the sound of the eruption the rushed out of the mountain then ride on the bus again. Bradley saw lots of teachers running after the bus... After the bus got back to his normal school the school bell rang and all the students came out of the bus. Then Bradley said thanks to all of the kind people who helped him to escape from the land and went back to his normal school... I think this author should write how they came back from the Island more clearly because none of us who were reading this couldn't understand it. I think the author's message is that there is always somebody around who will help you and be nice to you.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Rumpelstiltskin Problem

The book I just finished is called "The Rumpelstiltskin Problem". The author is Vivian Vaned Velde. She wrote very unusual stories about Rumpelstiltskin and the daughter of the miller. This book has 6 chapters and in all of the chapters the miller always say " My daughter can spin a straw into gold" and then the king always believe it.It is a wiered kind of funny story and I like the way she write introduction like"Once upon a time before the pizzerias or Taco Bells, there..." There was some words that I can't understand but when I looked up in the dictionary and read it again, it makes more interesting. I learned to describe something more interesting and learned to write a unusual stories. This is why I think this book is right level for me to read.

Two main characters:

The miller's daughter;- She was really poor but smart. Sometimes she is so mean but sometimes she is nice. At first she knew she will got in trouble if her father (miller) don't stop saying " lying and of course she got in trouble because of her father and Rumpelstiltskin...

Rumpelstiltskin;- He was trying to find the baby to eat and then he saw a miller and her daughter. He told them that the king is giving a coin who made him laugh and he told them to tell him a joke. The joke was to tell the king that the miller's daughter can spin a straw in to a gold but the miller and his daughter didn't think it was terribly funny, so Rumpelstiltskin said "Let me go before you." Then he told the king that the miller's daughter can spin a straw in to gold but they are poor. And then he told the king a plan to make them happy "You could pay the father to let the girl come spin straw into gold for you.Then he would have money to buy food for him self and the rest of his family. And, with the girl in your place, you could see to it that she had a decent meal or two before you sent her home. The whole things hinges on marking them believe that you believe there story. " Well that was his plan to get the baby...

All the stories in this book was about Rumpelstiltskin's trying to steal the baby by tricking the king, miller and miller's daughter but at last he couldn't. I like this book but I think all the chapter be the same characters but different stories because if the all chapters are same kind of stories it's makes reader bord but if you change the stories absolutely different I think it's going to be more interesting. I think the auther wanted to tell us that if you lie you will always got in trouble...